Fire Starting

Well, it’s been a couple of years! What can I say? It’s been uppy and downy. We’ve made decisions to break free, move away, change job, massive upheaval…and then we changed our minds, or they were changed for us! We’re still where we were two years ago, same jobs, same house, same everything! Life has a habit of getting in the way! At least now we’re a little wiser, a little less in debt and a little more focused on what we want (a little, lol!)
I’ve wanted to come back to a blog for a while, (one which I had barely started, I know!) but I never felt I had anything worth harping on about, that people would be really interested in, that people might want to share or wouldn’t feel like ‘yeah, we know, and?’ So…I have decided that I need to give out some nice bits that can keep me flowing along; little pointers, thoughts, ideas – help. That is the point of blogging, isn’t it? SO, I will do my best to give something useful out and hopefully help someone along the way here!

My inspiration to be here again? Danielle LaPorte. I’ve heard her name passed around for a while now. Folks speaking of their motivation after reading The Fire Starter Sessions; the passion, the energy, the inspiration. Just another motivational speaker, or so I thought. I’d say I don’t know what it is about her words that really seem to speak to me, but I’d be lying. It’s that massively loving kick up the butt that she gently, but at the same time, firmly plants! Imbuing you with not so much a self-realisation but a confirmation that actually you deserve a little better; to work better, to be treated better, to be honest, open, respected and, above all, yourself. It’s what you already know, but said with punch and authority from someone who has been there.

At the moment, my own business – Soulstice Therapies – is doing pretty well. After some Chaos Ordering (yes, that works too! Will tell another time! 😉 ) a couple of years ago, I managed to pull back from the brink of income collapse and build a better base. Now, I suddenly seem to be getting catapulted into a new but exciting direction with it and, though I didn’t have the money to pay for it when I decided to go for it, the money is coming (as a dear and wonderful client said it would, thank you Sallyann!) and I can barely keep up with how busy things are. But, on top of this new momentum, Danielle has given me the self-confidence to push for a more stable base to support my home life too and to be more authentic. It’s working.

If I can recommend one thing today to give you momentum, read The Fire Starter Sessions. You can click on the image above to take you to Danielle’s website, then visit the shop. It is the most authentic, non preachy, motivation book I have found and it wasn’t a million pounds to buy either. In fact, I think most new novels are twice the price I paid for it on kindle. Plus, there’s the website with loads of supporting info AND when I started following her on Twitter, she followed me right back! What a sweetheart! I’m not sure she can manage to fully follow all the over 12000 peeps she does, but it that sense of interest in her work and the people she is inspiring that I find encouraging. She practices what she preaches. So, thank you Danielle, you truly are awesome! 😉