Failing and succeeding at meditation…who knew?!

Well, I have been trying, since my last post, to follow my own rules on Building Meditation. Ha ha! It is easy, but it is also very hard! You know those moments when you think, ‘Oh, I need to do that now but I’ll just finish this first’, ‘Just another minute’ ‘I’ll do it in a sec’?! Yeah, that’s been me much of the time. Even saying that you’ll commit to doing something, you still have to do it. You still have to discipline yourself and, as an average human being, I do find it difficult sometimes!

HOWEVER! When I did kick myself up the butt and actually sit for 20 seconds (it was actually more when I did though, as it was just so lovely to do!) I actually found myself to be really successful in that short form of meditation. Every time I did, I would have a brilliant idea towards the end, figure something out, remember something. Meditation is about clearing your head and finding peace, but in doing so, you also free up the brain from all the junk that is flying around it, to enlighten you with something that is worthy of mentally hearing. Even for such a short space of time I felt a little rejuvenated, a bit more focused. I have proven to myself that I don’t need to try so hard to find the time to meditate and by keeping it short, it is easier to fit in. I’m still working on the best time to do it as, it appears, the times I thought were the calmest or had the least going on, actually are the opposite. I wouldn’t say I live a fast paced lifestyle (!) but with kids and running a house and a business, routine is a very loose term to use around here!

So, if anyone else has been trying or is thinking about having a go at this, please look at my last post Building Meditation and don’t beat yourself up when you don’t remember! Set your phone to remind you and try to do it as often as is reasonable. A little success is still a success! And if you get up to 10 minutes, well GO YOU! 😉 x