The successes that spur you on – IIH

This year I have been in business for 15 years! I remember celebrating the first 5, but 10 got by me somehow. Probably I was so immersed in life and work, I didn’t notice! However, 15 years feels like quite a milestone for me; through the ups and downs of normal business, maternity leave and recession, I’m still here and ever grateful for it. I am truly blessed to be able to have a job that I can work around my family – attending most of my girls’ school events – I can pick and choose my hours, my place of work, my holidays, and (to a certain degree) how much I earn. I am also continuously encouraged by the successes, large and small, in treating my clients through the years. I know I have helped many people get moving again and maintain that mobility, reduce stress and depression, convalesce, and reduce pain.

A success I have had for someone recently is for a condition which is little known to many and is baffling many doctors as to why it occurs, though it seems to be markedly on the increase, IIH or Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. IIH UK describes it as the following:

“Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) is a neurological condition of unknown cause defined by increased intracranial pressure (ICP) around the brain without the presence of tumour or disease.”

It seems that the condition arises where the Cerebral Spinal Fluid (CSF) that flows around the brain, and up and down the spine, can get stuck inside the skull and not drain properly. This causes an immense amount of pressure on the brain leading to severe pain and headaches but ultimately, if left untreated, can also start to affect your vision and balance, causing double vision, dizziness and nausea. The effects can be extremely debilitating.

I was contacted by a client over a year ago about this condition, asking if I may be able to help. They were at the end of their tether with the discomfort and the treatment that was prescribed – lumbar punctures. They had received several over the previous couple of years and two in that year alone. We felt that a good approach would be Lymphatic Drainage Massage (in which I also include aromatherapy / essential oils for deeper release) to help the body to properly drain fluid and dispose of it effectively. In addition to this, I included a cranial lift to help increase the flow of CSF from the head and reduce pressure. My client felt an improvement after the very first treatment and this increased with subsequent appointments. Since then, they have had regular appointments over the last year – in fact I have seen them roughly once per month – and I was overjoyed when they informed me recently that, not only had the recurrence and strength of headaches reduced since they began their treatments, but they had not had a lumbar puncture at all in all the time they had been coming to see me! What an amazing result! As I said, I have had some wonderful feedback from clients past and present, but this is truly the best I have had and gives me such a buzz to know that I could help someone in such a way.

I am always mindful of the types of illnesses and conditions that clients approach me with – whether they are looking for therapies to directly address their issues or to simply relax and take a break from the stress and discomfort of being ill – and I adapt my treatments accordingly. There are occasionally cases where I simply cannot help or I am restricted by insurance limitations in what treatments I can offer, but I will always give great consideration to ways I can help, even if it means referring a client to another therapist. However, in every therapy and technique I learn, I am always thinking about how it can be best applied, not only as a stand alone treatment, but also in combination with other therapies for maximum results. I think this encompasses the true meaning of complementary therapies; not only to work alongside orthodox medicine, but also with each other, always evolving to meet the demands that life throws at us. Just another thing I love about my work which drives me on.

So, with nearly 15 years under my belt, what challenges will the next 15 bring?! 😉