Coronavirus – COVID-19

With a heavy heart, due to necessary measures advised by the government, for the foreseeable future SERENITY LODGE IS CLOSED! It has been a very difficult decision to make considering that I know a good portion of my clients rely on treatments to physically keep them moving. In contrast, it has also been a very easy decision to make, because the government is ramping up measures, and this now clearly includes my business. While new guidelines state we are being ‘asked’ to close, the Federation of Holistic Therapist, of which I am a Fellow, has requested that all therapy businesses follow these guidelines and close. We are all responsible for each other and, as such, must take our roles in keeping the spread of this virus to a minimum very seriously. While we may feel well in ourselves, not everyone develops the symptoms, so any of us could be affected without realising and pass it on to those more vulnerable. Nobody wants that on their conscience.

Existing Bookings

As of yesterday (21/3/20) I have cancelled all treatments for the coming fortnight and will decide on future cancellations based on guidelines as they are announced. If you have a booking in place and you have not received a cancellation notice, your appointment remains booked at present, but this could change.

Future Investment Offer

While you will be unable to have treatments for the foreseeable future, if you wish to purchase vouchers as an investment for future treatments, you can do so via the shop page, you (or your recipient) will receive an additional 15 minutes of treatment as a way of saying thank you for your continued support! This offer will apply to all vouchers purchased while Serenity Lodge remains closed.
In addition, all vouchers purchased during this crisis will be sent by email only. There will be no postal vouchers in order to reduce the need for me to go out and, also, it is understood the the virus can remain on surfaces for a number of days, so this will reduce the number of hands a voucher may have to pass through, if it were printed out. In addition, I am uncertain as to the current state of the postal system and how long postal services will run, at this time.
Please also note that, for now, all new voucher purchases and active vouchers (including those purchased in the past year and as yet not redeemed!) will have a validity of a mighty 18 months!* So there’s plenty of time to book in a treatment.
*Voucher purchases made after Serenity Lodge reopens will return to 12 month validity

I will provide further updates as the situation changes. If you wish to receive regular updates to your inbox, please sign up for the newsletter on the right side of the page.

In the meantime, I wish all my customers, old and new, good health and hope that we come through this soon.