Temporary Closure of Serenity Lodge

Sadly we are back in the predicament of lockdown causing temporary closure in order to take pressure off the NHS and attempt to reduce the speed of transition of the new COVID strain.

Currently, and until the government states that businesses can begin to open up, I have to close Serenity Lodge for general treatments. At the time of writing this, as I offer remedial therapies I have been given authority by the local council to provide a very limited range on a very strict basis, considered case by case. Regulations state that treatments can be offered where there is pain caused by a chronic condition or injury which is not easily self-managed, or where there is significant deterioration in mental health.

I have closed the appointment system for any bookings until the end of February, but left it open from March onwards in the hope that things will be relaxed by then. In the meantime, any requests for treatment must be made by email to me at serenity@soulsticetherapies.co.uk with clear details of the health issue you are having and your need for treatment. Please be advised, I will make a decision based on the information you give me, so requesting a treatment is not a guarantee of receiving one. However, I will do my best to help you or guide you to someone who can.

Should the circumstances change and I am no longer able to offer any treatments, I will post information to that effect on the website and social media – Facebook and Twitter.

I do hope that, with the rolling out of vaccines and the reduction in mixing, we can come out of this situation soon. Maybe 2021 brings the gift of moving forward with new ideas about our world, how best we can live in it and with each other, safely and with compassion.