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Life is just about energy…OF COURSE!

I had this epiphany. I suppose it’s actually obvious really, maybe I’m one of the last ones to notice. Life is purely an energy exchange. I know it’s more complicated than that, but also it isn’t. It’s the basis of everything. Think about it. We love, we hate, we fight, we work, we laze about, we do for others,…

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Failing and succeeding at meditation…who knew?!

Well, I have been trying, since my last post, to follow my own rules on Building Meditation. Ha ha! It is easy, but it is also very hard! You know those moments when you think, ‘Oh, I need to do that now but I’ll just finish this first’, ‘Just another minute’ ‘I’ll do it in a sec’?! Yeah, that’s…

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Building Meditation

I’m in stasis right now. I really want to get moving but life is trying to teach me the art of patience, waiting for the moment, waiting for enough time to do the millions of things I need to do. I’ve been really busy lately and, frankly, I could do with an extra two days a week – 1…

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