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So, without any further ado!  I have this beautiful new website, which I hope will be easy for you to find everything you need and run a little faster! I have a brand new booking system! You can access it from any ‘book in’ point on the site or go straight to: It looks quite different to the…

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Coronavirus – COVID-19

Existing Bookings As of yesterday (21/3/20) I have cancelled all treatments for the coming fortnight and will decide on future cancellations based on guidelines as they are announced. If you have a booking in place and you have not received a cancellation notice, your appointment remains booked at present, but this could change. Future Investment Offer While you will…

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A cure for the common cold! (Maybe!)

Over the last few years – having previously been the first to get a cold and have it almost continuously from September to March! – I have been using a remedy that really does seem to kill a cold…DEAD… at least 9/10 times! That 1/10 is normally when I have missed the “first signs” window, though it’s still extremely…

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