Discover how to tap into your natural ability to heal with Reiki.

Reiki is ereiki japaneseasy to learn and understand. Differing from other disciplines, once attuned not only will you more adept at channelling energy to heal but, as you progress, you will study sacred Kanji and Sanskrit symbols that will empower your healing ability in a variety of ways.

Many teachers offer Reiki training just as a one day course, but that doesn’t suit everyone. Instead, I offer one day or weekly evening courses in which you will learn to step away from the world to heal yourself, understand the concepts of Reiki. You get ongoing support for both styles of course and with the evening course you will be able to continually practice with a small group at the same level as yourself. When you have completed the course, you should feel confident in your healing abilities and knowledge, feel clearer in your mind and able to offer treatments to others.

In addition, I hold a regular support group which you can attend once you are trained to 1st degree (minimum). If you have trained elsewhere, you are still welcome to attend, please just let me know you will be attending via the contact page.

Please select a Reiki level for more information on each degree.

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