Julie offers a range of treatments created to take you away from the stresses and strains of everyday using deeply nourishing, calming and relaxing oils, soothing music and therapeutic massage techniques to ease muscular pain and tension, and enhance mobility. For more in-depth information on each treatment, please choose from the drop-down Treatments menu.

Products used

Please note: All the products I use are cruelty free and, where possible, organic. Some of the products I use within my treatments I also offer for sale, so you can carry on the pampering at home or treat someone to something special!


All massage treatments, unless otherwise stated, are offered using a base of virgin organic coconut oil (Soil Association certified), produced in the Philippines, packaged at source and sold by Coconoil. Coconoil was a business  originally developed to help support and rebuild the regions tragically struck by the devastating Tsunami in 2004. The oil is so pure that it has an abundance of benefits for the body both externally and internally, perfect for everything from massage to cooking! Virgin Coconut Oil in cooler temperatures is usually in a solid form but becomes liquid between 18°C and 24°C, but one of the advantages of this oil is its properties are not affected during the transition from solid to liquid to solid, and has a long shelf life.
“The oil provides a direct source of energy and isn’t stored as fat in the body. Most of the benefits associated with this oil are thanks to its high lauric acid content which also makes it antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal. Coconoil coconut oil is ideal for many uses and is packed with health beauty and cooking benefits.”
“The unique acids found in coconut oil can not only aid weight loss but they can also boost your immune system, help with cholesterol levels and prevent heart problems too! It’s not limited to the kitchen either; you can moisturise your skin with it, condition your hair, cleanse your mouth and even clean your furniture with it!”


Motherlylove products were introduced to the pregnancy massage treatments in March 2016. They are a beautiful, deeply nourishing blend of essential oils created specifically for pregnancy by a former midwife / aromatherapist. The oils are soothing and gentle with a delicate scent so they’re not overwhelming, but their benefits for stress, tension, stretch marks and swollen ankles are tremendous!


These products are steadily being introduced to my treatments, particularly the luxury range. Certified organic by the Soil Association, they are a blend of natural butters, oils and essential oils, adding a deeply nourishing element; vital to keep your skin happy during the changing seasons. Botanicals ethics policy


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