pregnancy massageDuring pregnancy your body is growing, changing and adapting all the time to the new little person or people inside you. Sometimes full of energy, sometimes achy and sore; any time is a great time to feel pampered and renewed. Your body is working hard, so you deserve some time out! Let me help take the strain and tension away from your muscles with Back Massage or Full Body Massage, so you can enjoy this time more peacefully.

Pregnancy treatments are not offered on the usual massage couch but on a specially created shiatsu-style massage mat, to allow full freedom of movement and the ability to just flake! As massage is offered with you lying on your side (and back, if allowable), there is no concern for pressure on the tummy area. This massage was developed from shiatsu techniques that specifically target problem areas during pregnancy, and is enhanced with the use of specially created oil blends from lovely folk at Motherlylove.

For a short and direct treatment, the pregnancy back massage works gently but deeply to soothe the areas of the back that are causing you discomfort, this treatment is adapted each session to the changing stress on the muscles from the neck right down to your lower back. In a short space of time, you will find you have more movement and less tension where it matters most. You’ll be amazed how much more relaxed you will feel, even after only half an hour!

If you are looking for an hour of pure bliss, the pregnancy full body massage uses soothing techniques working gently into the muscles and skin, reaching all the points of tension which are causing you discomfort, from aching back to aching legs and swollen ankles, also helping to smooth out and reduced the appearance of stretch marks. Combined with stretches and movements to help free up any lower back tension, by the end you will feel calmer and more relaxed, ready to float off to your next destination.

  • Pregnancy Back Massage – £25.00
  • Pregnancy Full Body Massage – £36.00

Please note: If at any time during your pregnancy you are or have been under specific medical supervision for any problems, it is advisable, as a precaution, to check that your midwife or GP is happy for treatment to go ahead. This is not usually a problem as the treatments are very gentle and relaxing, but it is best to be sure.

Baby Massage Tuition*

A wonderful skill to learn. Tuition is given along-side you and your baby so you can watch and practice at the same time, massaging your baby with proven, gentle techniques. Helps with bonding and aids sleep, colic, recovery from illness – calming for you and your child.

  • Baby Massage Tuition – £11.00 per session (30 mins)

*suitable once your midwife is happy and has signed you off

“Had the most amazing pregnancy massage here today by Julie, at 38 weeks pregnant and only 12 days til my due date I’m so happy I had this treatment, feel like I have a whole new back, nice and relaxed ready for baby! Thank you so much xx” – B Dearn

“Lovely pregnancy massage from Julie today. Wasn’t sure what to expect as at 38 weeks I obviously can’t lie on my front! But it was a real treat, the time whizzed by and I’m feeling chilled and loose and ready to have this baby! Thank you x” – Lesley B

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