ReikiThere are many methods of healing used in the world, all with the same goal in mind; to bring about healing, relaxation, rejuvenation and release from stress and dis-ease. Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is one of these systems, widely accepted and growing in popularity because of its well reputed effects.
Reiki is a simple, yet powerful natural system of healing, involving the ‘laying on of hands’. Believed to be thousands of years old, but first recorded as being used by ancient Tibetan Buddhist monks.

Reiki – treatment

Reiki can send you off on a meditative journey, releasing emotions that you have been holding on to and opening your mind to your true being. Incredibly relaxing and uplifting, Reiki works on mental and physical levels, giving the mind and body a chance of relief so that healing can come in, assisting with tiredness and anxiety, improving focus and mood, and bringing a boost of energy in order to aid the process of rebalance.

Reiki may be received sitting or lying, whichever is more comfortable for you. For a standard Reiki treatment you remain fully clothed throughout and a blanket is provided for extra warmth, if needed.

Reiki Combo…

Reiki is also incredibly effective combined with another therapy, as it gently deepens the healing process of each treatment without causing overwhelm. The relaxation achieved through massage or reflexology, allows you to be more open for the healing to come through in a shorter time-frame, so you get all the benefits of your favourite treatment, and then some! Where massage has been given prior to Reiki, in order to avoid disruption, you would remain as you were for the massage with the sheets and blanket pulled over you to maintain warmth.

Reiki, 1 hour – £30.00

Xtra Reiki (add Reiki to another treatment) 30 minutes – £11.00 (not a ‘stand alone’ price)

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