I am switching to a paperless office, where possible, to make record maintenance easier and to reduced paper use. The system I am now using is provided by Writeupp.com. They have not only very high spec online security, but are used by many healthcare providers across the UK including the NHS.

If you are a new client, you will receive a link to Writeupp.com to complete an online form for your medical history. If you do not wish to complete this and would prefer to do this in person, please ignore the request.

All existing clients will be receiving a link requesting permission for the online retention of information. If you disagree, please respond in that way – no offence will be taken.

You are not obliged to agree to your information being held in the online system but it helps for the reasons previously mentioned. If you agree to this but decide in the future that you no longer give consent, please do let me know and I will arrange for your information to be stored in a paper format in a secure facility.

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